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Spring is right around the corner! As your lawn begins to wake up, prepare it for a year of healthy growth with the care it needs to thrive. It may not seem like it, but our lawns need our help to keep them looking their best. With a few easy steps, we can get a game plan to ensure your lawn it’s healthiest year yet!

Rake & Overseed

Get out and enjoy the brisk mornings and beautiful Spring days in Maryland by raking to remove remaining fall leaves and grasses that didn't survive winter. Raking loosens matted grass and the soil.Not feeling up to it? Give us a call! This is included in our spring cleanup program. Next, you’ll want to fill bare or thin spots in the lawn by overseeding. Late spring is the best time to overseed. When you overseed, use a seed starter like Espoma Seed Starter or Greenview Seed Starter. We always use the best products to ensure growth and consistency. After you have cut the new grass 2 times or approximately 6-8 weeks later, schedule a fertilization treatment or begin a fertilization schedule with us!


Aeration is the solution for compacted soil. How often you should aerate your lawn depends on soil type. Late spring to early summer is the right time to aerate most grasses. Email us at for more information on our aeration process.

Water & Mow

In Maryland, spring rains typically provide sufficient moisture for lawns. Only water if rains are scarce and grass shows signs of dehydration. Lawns in our region need approximately 1 inch of rain per week to thrive. If you feel that hasn’t happened, we recommend setting up a sprinkler to give your lawn a good deep watering. Short spurts of watering just wont cut it!

Start mowing when the ground is dry enough and grass is long enough to require cutting. We cut at the proper height for your type of grass. Grass cut too short allows sunlight to reach soil, encouraging weed seeds to germinate.

Have any questions for us? Give us a call at 410-796-2551 to schedule a service!

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