Meet Our Team

Ronald - Co-Founder

Growing up in the Patapsco Valley region, Ron Bennett, co-founder and owner, enjoyed working outdoors at an early age. What started out as a small lawn mowing service for neighbors as a teenager quickly grew into a passion which ignited Patapsco Valley Lawn & Landscape. Ron has 40 years of experience in lawn maintenance and is considered a master in his field. If there is one thing that Ron could say to inspire people, it is that hard work truly does pay off. In his spare time, Ron enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with family especially with his grandsons!

Tracy - Co-Founder

Raised from a hard working family, entrepreneurship was instilled in Tracy from a very young age. While attending college for business and accounting, Tracy recognized the potential for a long term business opportunity right here in their community. All while raising another generation of entrepreneurs, Tracy has poured love into the customer experience side of Patapsco Valley Lawn & Landscape creating precious relationships with customers. Today, she is an accomplished business owner, mother, and now grandmother.

Ronnie - Team Leader

Having worked alongside his father at an early age, Ronnie’s love of the outdoors and passion for lawn care was embedded. He received his Associates Degree at Howard Community College and decided to go full steam ahead in the business. The values of producing the highest quality work has allowed him to thrive and really take pride in what he does. Ronnie is mostly seen driving the truck and trailer or riding the mower in your neighborhood. Give a big wave to Ronnie when you spot him!

Megan - Customer Relationship Manager

Megan is a wife, mother, and wedding photographer. She enjoys cultivating relationships with customers and providing a family-like experience. Megan is Ron and Tracy’s oldest daughter and is an essential part of our team.

Kate -  Financial Manager

Kate graduated from the University of Baltimore in 2018 with a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship. Along with her role at Patapsco, Kate is a money coach for couples. She is Ron and Tracy’s second daughter and will be getting married in fall 2021.

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